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Rafael Barandiaran Frias

 Rafael Barandiaran-Frias

Rafael is a Peruvian-born artist who lives in Paris and is absolutely passionate about all aspects of painting.    The influence of the great masters is clear in his work, and the quality of his painting is of a standard which is extremely rare in the modern world of art.

Rafael is always looking for new ways to express himself in oil and watercolour and his work is a mix of traditional and contemporary styles, particularly so with his watercolours which are the product of regular participation in live model workshops in Paris.

The particular challenge of these workshops is to work quickly capturing in just 15 or 30 minutes the essence of a figure when oil and even charcoal are too slow.   The work on show demonstrates his mastery of both contemporary and classical styles - the one showing his creativity and versatility, and the other his superb comand of detail, colour and composition

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